Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 66

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And Finally
It’s only right that Dee, our special 500,000th hen, features as our And Finally girl in this issue
and owner Julie Elliott, tells us here how Dee’s getting on:
“Dee has been very busy this summer, and now has a ‘husband’ called Corrie, whom she
happily grazes and dust bathes with. She’s especially delighted when he announces the
arrival of juicy treats he comes across in the garden – Dee likes her treats!
We went on holiday and left our hens at a local hen hotel where they were brilliantly cared
for and when we brought them home, Dee made the most delightful chatty clucking, like a
laughing noise. She checked and re-checked every nook and cranny of her coop and run as
if she couldn’t quite believe that she was home again! To illustrate how pleased to be back in
her Omlet nest she was, Dee laid an egg within hours and then settled into her little bathing
hole in the shade with her friends.
Dee’s smart too, when she hears the gate click she races out so that she doesn’t miss
anything, and especially enjoys sitting on Rosie’s lap for a cuddle, which pleases both of
the girls no end!”
Dee is having a wonderful retirement – there’s no doubt about that!
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