Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 7

Our last competition was to win £250 worth
of Sophie Allport vouchers and we were very
envious of the winner, Lisa Shakespeare, who
can now indulge herself in Sophie’s gorgeous
products. Want a chance to do something
similar? You can find our latest competition
on page 24.
The winner of the Golden Egg competition
from our last issue was Isobel Dawson.
Isobel can now enjoy a painting of one of her
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Latest figures from
suggest the average amount people
spend on their chickens over their
lifetime is £4,701. This compares to
£19,200 for a small dog or £12,300
for a cat. Cheep cheap!
Did you
Find the Golden Egg
& Competition Winners
hens by Lisa O’Malley, who creates simply
stunning images. Well done Isobel! Our next
prize will be a collection of Samuel Lamont
goodies including an oven glove, apron and
tea cosy.
To enter just find the Golden Egg hidden
among these pages and email the page
number to
with the
title: Golden Egg Competition.
Good cluck!
Country Chuckles by Johnny Hawkins
“That one always was a little off the wall”
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