Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 18-19

Feed your chickens
in style with
Contact Spike’s World on 01522 688300
or email
for more info.
Keep your chickens
Deters vermin & prevents waste
Robust enough for the toughest peckers!
Suitable for F&B Chicken Treat, mealworm
and other treats
Designed from scratch by our crack
team of chicken lovers. Our rescued
battery hens absolutely love it
eeps vegetables clean and dry
Keeps chickens entertained for longer!
Robust and eye-catching design
Chicken Feeder
& Top-Fill Drinker
Whether you’ve got one chicken or
six these’ll keep them full and watered!
Anti-perch Rain Shield
Height adjustable legs
Anti-tip design
No mess, just fill from the top!
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Dobies are launching their poultry range at the end of
March. The range includes everything needed for keeping
chickens – housing, fencing, feeders, drinkers, incubators,
egg boxes, etc, plus a discounted starter kit.
Dobies are seeking out some exciting new
products, including some great chicken
housing to make even the most spoilt of
hens proud!
So do please take advantage of the discount
available to BHWT supporters –
10% off the
Dobies seed range, with 5% of all sales
going to the BHWT.
We’d love to hear how your girls enjoy their
herbs, so do send us some pictures. We’re
certainly going to give them a try and
promise not to steal too many of these
herbs for kitchen use!
Their order line number is
0844 967 0303
and the website
To request a catalogue go to
Please quote offer code
, when you
order (post, phone or online). This code must
be given at the time the order is placed, it
cannot be added retrospectively. The 10%
discount will automatically be deducted
from any seed you have ordered.
NOTE: This discount does not apply to the
4 seed collections on page 17.
So, by ordering seed and
quoting the offer code 'BHWT17'
you are not only saving money
but also helping to raise funds.
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