Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 20-21

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Egg Club
When I first heard the news that my hens
had to be kept indoors I was very upset
because I thought they might think they
were going back to their old life in cages.
Mummy and Daddy moved my hens and
their house under our carport because it
is undercover and safe. They put mesh at
both ends to stop the other birds getting in.
Daddy made a gate so I could still go
in there and visit my girls.
The carport floor is concrete and boring so to
keep them ‘hentertained’ I gave them wood
shavings and straw to scratch around in and
I hid mealworms and seeds for them to find.
I hung up cabbages for them to peck and I
found out that they love watermelon and
sweetcorn! I gave them a big tray filled with
some of my play sand so they could have a
bath and keep themselves clean.
The most important thing that I gave them
was lots of love and attention. They love
having cuddles with me and listening to me
tell them about my day at school.
I hope the hens can go back to living outside
again soon.
If you’d like to join our Egg Club simply visit
our website for more information or email
Our wonderful Egg Clubbers have raised thousands of pounds for the
charity so far – all from selling spare eggs. You probably remember our
youngest, and cutest, Egg Club member, seven-year-old Evie Walker.
Evie's dedication to helping hens is why we have selected her to be our
Egg Club poster girl as well as tasking her to write a column for you! We
are also re-launching our Egg Club with some exciting new materials come
Easter, so watch this space! Over the next few issues Evie will also be telling
you what she and her girls have been up to. Over to you, Evie…
Everyone loves a good wedding, and
we’re no different here at the BHWT! It’s
wonderful to see photos of our supporters
enjoying the happiest day of their life, but
one couple went above and beyond to
incorporate the love for their ex-bats into
every aspect of their wedding.
Lizzie and Ky Gatherer, who are volunteers
with the BHWT, got married in October last
year and insisted on two eggstra special
ring bearers in the guise of ex-bat girls,
Blossom and Clucky! Their entire day was
chicken-themed and their wedding cake
was made using free range eggs laid by their
own hens.
Lizzie said: “People who know us know that
we are a little bit wacky. We knew people
were expecting a quirky and unconventional
wedding and some people made jokes
about the girls being ring bearers.
“We decided that it would be a big surprise
if the girls really were ring bearers as I think
nobody thought it could be possible!”
Well, hats off to you Lizzie and Ky – we’re
sure you left all your guests well and truly
'shell-shocked'! Since then, their story has
been picked up by various national media
including Chat magazine, Daily Mail and the
Another couple who involved the BHWT
in their big day were David Moore and Julie
Boswell. The couple have re-homed 11
hens over the past four years.
“They have all been such characters!” said
Julie. “Each and every one is a little individual
with their own likes and dislikes, skills and
“To ask friends to choose from a couple of
charities as a gift seemed the obvious thing
to do when we got married - and they're still
doing it! Thank you dear friends.”
David and Julie regularly help at re-homings
at Wood Green, Godmanchester and say
it is always an emotional but rewarding
“These girls have worked hard so that
people can have eggs to eat. They absolutely
deserve a brilliant and happy retirement.
“So thank you, British Hen Welfare Trust,
for helping that to happen every year for
thousands of our girls.”
If you’re interested in donating to the BHWT
in lieu of gifts at your wedding, please get in
touch with our fundraising team by emailing
A different kind of hen party!
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