Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 22-23

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
So, here we introduce our new spring
chickens who are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed
and waiting to share their stories with you!
Sponsoring a hen makes a wonderful gift for
someone who may not be able to keep hens
themselves, or who may just appreciate you
supporting the charity in this way.
It’s so simple to sponsor a hen – just wing it
over to our website and get started! Now the
only tricky bit is choosing which gorgeous
girl to sponsor?!
Glenda, adopted from South Zeal, was quiet
and nervous at first, but quickly found her
feet and worked her way to the top of the
pecking order. Glenda's favourite treats are
pumpkin, watercress, earwigs and slugs
and she loves a warm bowl of porridge on a
frosty morning.
Guinevere is one of four hens adopted from
Denmead at the end of 2016. She now lives
at Cluckingham Palace in Camelot Coop!
Guinevere is a very bossy, feisty girl who
doesn’t put up with any nonsense from her
friends, and she even once saw off the
resident ginger tom cat who doesn’t sniff
around her coop anymore!
-Sponsor a Hen re-launch
Spring brings with it freshness and new beginnings
– spring clean anyone?! With that inmind we thought it was time to
give our Sponsor a Hen scheme a bit of a refresh. After all, there were
56,000 hens re-homed in 2016 and they all have a story to tell!
Primrose was adopted with two other ex-
bats on a particularly stormy day and spent
the first week of her free range retirement in
her keeper’s kitchen. She must have thought
she’d arrived in hen heaven! Since then
Primrose has become very vocal, often
running over to anyone she sees to tell them
what she’s been up to. She loves interacting
with humans and her main aim in life is to
break into her keeper’s house!
There are more hens available
online, including the re-hab
rebels, Meg, Rosie and Twirl.
Willowwas the first to emerge from the
crate when she arrived at her new home to
start her free range retirement. Since then
Willow has become the most vocal of the
flock, often running up her ramp in return for
a treat! Despite having her own perch, Willow
has picked her favourite corner of the coop
where she sleeps and lays her eggs too.
You will all be familiar with Dee, who was
the 500,000th hen re-homed in January
2016 by the BHWT. After her moment in
the spotlight Dee has settled into her free
range retirement and can often be found
dust bathing and grazing with her husband,
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