Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 28-29

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
The Ashburton Cookery School was
established in 1992 by Stella West-Harling
running residential cookery courses from
her home in Ashburton to small groups of
enthusiastic home cooks.
Stella was an early adopter of organic
cooking and set up one of the first fully
organic restaurants in the UK, before
moving to Devon.
Ashburton appealed to Stella due to its
proximity to Dartmoor National Park and the
coast, and its abundance of small, organic
food producers.
As demand for her cookery courses grew
Stella expanded the school with a purpose-
built training kitchen (the Garden Kitchen)
and set about recruiting a tutor who shared
her ethos of using local, seasonal produce.
Stella and Chef Darrin worked together to
launch the Ashburton Cookery School.
Today Ashburton Cookery School offers a
wide variety of courses from bread making
and patisserie to French bistro and street
Anicca O'Nions, corporate events manager
at Ashburton, said: “Good food always has a
good story behind it and our chef tutors and
our students are always excited and inspired
by the ingredients we work with and our
relationship with the producers that deliver
the produce direct to our door.”
When completing a cookery course at
Ashburton you will be alongside like-minded
people with the same skill level while
working your way through a wide range of
recipes each day as well as enjoying a lunch
and early evening dinner.
“You will be amazed at how much you
accomplish during one of our Foundation
courses,” added Anicca.
Animal welfare is something which
remains incredibly important to the team
at Ashburton and they spend hours each
week making sure they purchase the best
produce they can buy with an emphasis on
local, sustainable and organic food with a
high welfare standard.
The school has also recently extended its
range of suppliers in all areas meaning it can
source the best of the best.
This high welfare standard extends to eggs,
of course, all of which are free range at
Ashburton Cookery School. The school uses
hundreds and thousands of them and source
their eggs from Laydilay in Ashburton, which
was featured in the last issue of Chicken &
Finally, we had to ask Anicca for her
preference – crème egg or fried egg?!
We’ll leave you to guess the answer…
P.S. It was fried egg, of course!
We wanted to find out a little more about Ashburton, and we
thought you might too! They are one of the UK’s top cookery
schools and are offering one of our lucky supporters the
chance to win an incredible prize worth £453.
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