Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 32-33

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
1. Firstly, we just have to say how much
we LOVE your products! Where does your
inspiration come from for all the fanciful
creations you make?
Our inspiration comes from all around us, the
times we have lived through, the books we
read, the people we know and the artists we
admire. We have so many ideas yet to realise
and so many concepts yet to launch that we
will need another 50 years to achieve it all.
2. The chocolates and cakes you craft are
so intricate – is it really all chocolate?!
We only work in chocolate. We are artists and
designers, we happen to work in chocolate. If
chocolate didn’t exist we would still be creating
what we do, but perhaps using dustbin lids and
elastic bands instead. Our tools are our hands
and a paring knife for sculpting, a palette knife
for finishing. We are not familiar with machinery
or technology!
3. What does it take to be a chocolatier at
Choccywoccydoodah and how long does it
take to make one of your more whimsical
We anticipate it takes 3 years of in-house
training to become a competent
Choccywoccydoodah chocolatier. Our
most experienced sculptor is Captain Creative
DavePop, who has worked for me for 17 years.
Our most recent window display ‘A Groovy kind
of love’ took him the better part of a month to
4. With Easter nearly here, how many
Easter eggs do you sell each year and what
is the egg you are most proud of creating?
Easter is always about chocolate eggs and we
sell a lot. About a gazillion. I love Easter in our
shops as it’s the only time of year unashamedly
devoted to chocolate. Our display changes
every year, we are currently working on this
Easters display, which will be my favourite, but
is currently under wraps so that our competitors
can’t steal our ideas.
5. What’s the craziest creation you’ve ever
We’ve created a lot of craziness. It’s sometimes
difficult to remember that we only work in cake
and chocolate, not the Sistine Chapel. Our Greek
mythology collection was pretty elaborate - and
would cost about £10,000 a piece.
6. We know you offer a bespoke cake service
– how long does one of your cakes stay fresh
and how do you recommend they are kept?
The cakes have a 10 day life when uncut.
Afterwards they need to be kept airtight,
at room temperature or frozen.
7. We read that you only use free range eggs
in your cakes, which is music to our ears.
Why do you only use free range eggs?
We have used only free range eggs for years.
It’s the right thing to do. Happy hens lay happy
eggs make happy cakes for happy customers.
It’s Easter, which can only mean one thing – chocolate! But forget about plain, boring
chocolate eggs – Choccywoccydoodah are here to show us there’s a whole lot more
you can do with the sweet stuff. The company, based in Brighton, specialises in one-off
sculpted fantasy chocolates, bespoke wedding cakes, chocolate gifts and chocolate
pets! Just check out the amazing chicken sculpture on our front page. We caught up
with Creative Director Christine Taylor to find out more about what makes
Choccywoccydoodah tick…
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