Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 34-35

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
8. Also, we read that you use 3,000 eggs per
week! Where do you source all these happy
eggs from?
Our eggs come from a local supplier in Sussex.
9. As a nation of chocolate lovers, are your
amazing treats for serious chocoholics only
or do you cater for anyone with a sweet
Our chocolate is a very good quality Belgian
chocolate, which has appeal to all our
customers, of every age group. Milk chocolate
is most popular but as people get older and
their palates change they tend to prefer darker
chocolate. Almost everyone loves chocolate.
We have a large celebrity client base, we
are often involved in providing cake for their
special events. We don’t use this as advertising,
everyone is entitled to privacy and it enables us
to build a reputation of being trustworthy with
people’s personal details.
If a celebrity posts a picture of their
Choccywoccydoodah cake, that’s a different
matter. We made 2 TV series of ‘Starstruck’
where celebrities commissioned impossibly
difficult pieces from us, including Whoopi
Goldberg, Joan Rivers, Tinie Tempah, Wesley
Snipes, Julian McDonald and many more.
All great sports and great fun. And of course,
they all love chocolate and cake.
10. Is animal welfare something you think
is important to your customers?
Animal welfare is important to all of us here
at Choccywoccydoodah. We are known for
our animal rescue, so of course, we would use
free range eggs. I’m sure it’s the least that our
customers expect.
11. What do you think of the work of the
British Hen Welfare Trust?
We all have a responsibility to make the world
a better place, where we can. Everything that
has a soul has a right to happiness and I’m
pleased that the British Hen Welfare Trust is
encouraging happiness for hens.
12. Finally what’s your personal preference
(and we think we know the answer to this
one!) - crème egg or fried egg?!
I like a poached egg on toast for breakfast and
a salted caramel filled chocolate egg for Easter.
13. OK, baker’s dozen this time around…
how long does it take to eat one of your
Easter eggs? Actually we know the answer
to that too, not very long!
Our 65 kilo chocolate eggs take a lot of people
a long time to eat. Luckily, we make smaller
ones which can be devoured in one sitting.
Our Easter eggs start at about £9.99 and this
year our top end collection will be about
£100,000 to commission in its entirety, as a
limited edition. But it will be enough to satisfy
an army.
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