Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 46-47

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Spring has
Hentastic Foraging
Feeder & Cake
Available in garlic, ginger
and mixed herbs or mint
and parsley, these foraging cakes contain
only quality, natural ingredients.
Hentastic Chick
Sticks & Feeder
We could shout all day
about how great Hentastic
treats are, but we thought we’d leave it to
one of our supporters instead! Charlotte
said: “My girls love these fat cakes! Oh, and
the holder is also useful for threading spring
green leaves through too!”
We’re sure you deserve a spring lift,
so here are some gifts for you (or a loved one).
Jute Bag, short handled
These tough little jute
bags are perfect for
a quick visit to the
shops, and
Spread the BHWT
message and keep the
sun out of your eyes at
the same time!
Penny Mug
Enjoy a cuppa
in the spring
sunshine with this
gorgeous Henny
Penny mug –
perfect chicken
lover’s cuppa!
Chicken Plaques
Let your visitors know they’ll have to get past
your chooks first with one of these fun, quirky
Your girls are back outside in the
so give them something to
cluck about with these
terrific treats.
Cartoon Chicken Bag
Hen Double
Oven Glove
Brighten up
your bakes
with this brightly
coloured oven
glove. Better yet,
it’s covered with
We’re leaving
this one to our
again! Joanne
said: “Great
bag, great
quality, handy
size and lovely
hens all over
it, what more
can I ask for?!
Quick delivery,
great value.”
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