Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 58-59

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Graeme Campbell is a convert. He said:
“I love the Fresh Bed for Chickens and so
do my hens. Since I started using it the egg
production has gone up, the coops smell
sweeter and cleaning is much easier. I had
a hen at home bedded in Fresh Bed and my
wife didn’t mind because of the nice pine
Dengie are proud to support the British Hen
Welfare Trust.
For further advice please
call the Dengie Helpline on 0845 345 5115
or visit
We have teamed up with Dengie to offer
BHWT supporters the chance to win one of
ten 50ltr bales of Fresh Bed for Chickens.
Just answer the simple following question:
Win a bale of Dengie’s
Fresh Bed for Chickens!
Fresh Bed for Chickens is
made from dust-extracted
chopped straw with added…?
Send your answers to
Fresh Bed for Chickens from Dengie is designed to keep your hens warm
and cosy; made from dust-extracted chopped strawwith pine oil added for
its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it is very popular with
ex-commercial hens. It is now available in two bale sizes; big value 100ltr
or easy-to-handle 50ltr bales.
Terms and conditions
Employees of BHWT, their affiliates and relatives
are not permitted to enter. All entries must be
received by 30 April 2017 and the winner will be
notified shortly after this date. The winner will
be announced on social media. There is no cash
alternative to the prize offered. We cannot accept
responsibility for entries which are incomplete/
details incorrect so please double check personal
data before submitting entry.
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