Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 62-63

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Thanks to you, our wonderful supporters,
we have raised over £180,000 towards the
new BHWTWelfare and Education Centre!
We are overwhelmed at your generosity. If
that wasn’t enough, our fundraising had a
great big boost recently when we received
cheque through the post for £1,000
the lovely folk at Yeo Valley. A supporter
nominated us to become one of their Yeoken
charities between October and December.
This allowed customers to donate their
Yeokens to us and, as a result,
we received
a £1,000 donation!
That money will be going directly towards
our welfare and education centre. In case
This heart-warming (and feet-warming!)
photo of Sarah Aldwinckle’s spoilt hens
enjoying the underfloor heating was posted
on our page back in November and you
absolutely loved it! It reached more than
22,000 people and had more than 700
reactions. See more photos like this by
searching our name on Facebook.
It’s not hard to see why this stunning
photo of November’s Hen of the Month,
Hattie, got 186 likes on Instagram!
She’s truly making the most of her
free range retirement. Give us a follow
This photo of gorgeous Mary
enjoying the winter sunshine
was posted on our Twitter
feed on Boxing Day and must
have caught your attention
while you were picking at the
Christmas leftovers! Find more
you need a reminder, the centre will be
a vast improvement on our current
re-homing facility with a hen hospital,
two coops, more storage and a training area.
The centre will also have a larger dedicated
space for putting on training events and
talks for businesses, schools, veterinary
professionals and individuals.
While we are storming towards our
£250,000 target, we still have just under
£70,000 left to raise.
You can get involved
with any number of our fundraising activities
– why not hold a Free Range Friday (there’s
cake involved) or, if you’re watching your
waistline, simply make a donation instead.
As a thank you, if you donate:
• £15 you’ll receive a personalised e-certificate
• £50 and you’ll receive a personalised e-certificate and supporter's medal
• £100 or more and you’ll receive a personalised e-certificate and a plaque at the centre
Simply visit our website to find out more and, most importantly, to donate!
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