Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 66-67

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
And Finally
When we heard the story of the Dorling family’s much-loved pet hen, Mildred, we thought
she was perfect for our And Finally page. She was adopted last year with two other hens,
Ginger and Cockerel.
Mildred loved being with people and would knock on the back door when she wanted to
come into the Dorling’s house. She would go upstairs to find an un-made bed so she could
make a nest in the duvet. Mildred was James’ pet and loved it when he got home from school;
she would sit on the swing with him and chase him round the garden. James’ mum, Jane, said:
“She liked to lay her eggs in the children’s play house then eat them as she never laid an egg
with a shell! She loved to sit on someone’s lap and would purr like a cat. Although she was only
with us for nine months she really enjoyed her retirement and seemed very grateful.
“We were all sad when she was put to sleep after suffering with egg peritonitis, especially
James who was always walking around carrying her.”
Rest in peace lovely Mildred.
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