Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 6-7

Our Sarah Boddy competition was won by lucky Jeanette Muirhead who, by now, is well
stocked up on some of Sarah’s fabulous homeware to the tune of £125. To enter our latest
competition visit page 26.
The winner of the Golden Egg competition from our last issue was Sara Holden who bagged
herself some chicken-themed goodies from Samuel Lamont. Our next prize is a copy of The
Vintage Picnic Book by Jeremy Hobson – perfect for planning your next spring picnic! The
book is packed to the rafters with picnic ideas, recipes and tales of picnics past to help you
plan memorable meals outdoors. It’s historical, factual, informative and quirky, all rolled up
into one lovely book! If you’d like to enter just find the Golden Egg hidden among these
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
If you’re heading off on holiday this year, we have a great idea to keep the mozzies at bay
– take your hens! Research has shown mosquitoes actively stay away from a room if it has
a chicken in it! This theory was tested by putting volunteers (perhaps they didn’t knowwhat
they were signing up for!) in beds surrounded by untreated mosquito nets.
Some volunteers had either a live chicken or chicken feathers near their bed and a trap was
set up to catch any mosquitoes which flew in. The result was – you guessed it – there were
far fewer mosquitoes in the rooms with the chickens and feathers! So thanks to the team
which carried out the research for giving us a reason to take our feathered friends with us
wherever they go! Now, pass the suncream…
The greatest height at which a raw egg has been
dropped and remained intact is 213m, from a
helicopter onto a golf course in Blackpool.
Did you
Find the Golden Egg
& Competition Winners
Stop those
mosquito bites...
If, like us, you’re dreaming of your
next holiday then you’ve come to
the right place. We have teamed
up with the lovely folks at Sykes
Cottages who have kindly offered
to donate 10% of any booking
made via our website to the BHWT.
Imagine that, you can book
yourself into a gorgeous cosy
cottage by the seaside knowing
that you’ve helped save the lives
of even more hens! Bliss.
Just visit
sykes-cottages or call us for more
Talking of
The Vintage
Picnic Book
Creating Memorable
Meals Outdoors
By J.C. Jeremy Hobson
pages and email the page number to competitions@ with the title: Golden Egg Competition.
Good cluck! The competition closes on 30 April 2017.
Eggy brekkies
all round
We’re delighted to be celebrating the
yumminess of free range eggs with the
launch of Harvester’s Wake Up the
Harvester Way campaign in April.
Harvester use British free range eggs in
their dishes so the first meal of the day
becomes altogether more satisfying with
brilliant breakfast baps, wicked waffles
and exciting eggs. Customers waking up
the Harvester way will also get to hear
about the British Hen Welfare Trust with
our logo emblazoned on the Kids’ Cookery
Club pack as well as the menus.
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