Chicken and Egg Issue 15 - page 16-17

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
for Hens
If you are a gardener, you may well have
heard of Dobies who have been supplying
flower and vegetable seeds direct to
gardeners since 1880. Their main annual
catalogue features an extensive range of
products including seeds, young annual
plants available by post, plus bulbs, fruit
and garden equipment.
You may not know that they are also experts
in the needs of backyard hen keeping too.
Many Dobies' customers have either a large
garden, or an allotment and also enjoy the
wonderful world of hen keeping. Indeed
several of their employees are fervent
backyard hen keepers themselves and this
is a side of their business that they want to
grow, with their down to earth approach on
pricing. And we are delighted!
Dobies recently acquired Ascott Small
Holding Supplies Ltd initially adding poultry
supplies to their range, with more ranges to
come that are perfect for serious gardeners/
growers, allotmenteers or small holders. We
are very excited that their Good Life Chicken
Keeping collection will be launched in April!
Lis Wallace, Head of Customer Care at
Dobies, herself a hen owner, was keen to
work with us to raise funds and awareness
of our work.
She said: “Dobies are delighted to be
supporting the BHWT in two ways. First,
we have developed an exclusive range of
four Herby Hen Seed Collections. These
allow keepers to grow herbs that are
beneficial for hens to eat. Each collection
contains packets of herb seed that focused
on a particular health benefit. We all know
that chickens enjoy green food; they love
grass and many of the leaves and wild
flowers growing in that grass. So, most will
happily munch on herbs and those herbs
will in turn help to keep the chickens healthy
in the most natural of ways.
Liz continued: “For every collection sold we
will donate £1 to the charity. Secondly, we
are offering supporters 10% off the Dobies
general seed ranges with an extra 5% going
to the BHWT. We will also help to generate
awareness by featuring these products in
our own catalogues and on our website and
social media.”
Herby Hen
Seed Collections
The herbs chosen each have multiple benefits and can be used as follows:
• Scattered in the run and nesting box to repel insects, parasites and rodents
• Fed fresh by being hung up to also create healthy interest
• Dried, crushed and added to feed or water
The following four herb collections are easy to grow, will help to keep your hens happy
and healthy and will raise funds for British HenWelfare Trust. What more could a chicken
lover possibly want? Oh yes, and the humans can eat the herbs too!
Egg Production Collection
Fennel –
an excellent laying stimulant with the
bonus of being an effective insect repellent.
(435081 £1.79)
Marigold –
will result in vibrant orange egg
yolks and is both an insect repellent and
(421699 £2.19)
Marjoram –
a laying stimulant, decongestant
and anti-inflammatory.
(436168 £1.79)
Individually RRP =
Collection price =
£4 with £1 donation to BHWT
Insecticide Collection
Lavender –
what hen wouldn’t be happy in
a nest box scattered with sweetly scented
lavender? Lavender will relax your hens
by acting as a natural and aromatic stress
reliever and is also a useful insecticide.
(426504 £2.79)
Catnip –
not just for cats! Catnip will relax
your hens whilst also repelling insects.
(414917 £1.79)
Mint –
scatter in the henhouse as both an
insecticide and rodent repellent. Mint also
reduces body temperature so is useful
for when your hens go broody.
(435960 £1.29)
Individually RRP =
Collection price =
£4 with £1 donation to BHWT
Health Collection
Nasturtium –
Your chickens will enjoy both
the flowers and the leaves and these will act
as a natural wormer. Nasturtium also has
antiseptic properties and is believed to
stimulate egg production.
(416847 £1.99)
Dill –
Good for improving respiratory health,
has antioxidant properties and is a natural
sedative/relaxant. Dill will also stimulate
the appetite of convalescing chickens.
(436109 £1.29)
Rosemary –
Good for pain relief and
respiratory health.
(436184 £1.49)
Individually RRP =
Collection price =
£3.50 with
£1 donation to BHWT
General Maintenance Collection
Parsley -
Packed with vitamins and minerals.
Your chickens will enjoy both the stems and
the leaves of parsley. If yours are the few that
don’t then add dried, crushed parsley to their
feed. Parsley aids blood vessel development
and stimulates egg laying.
(438088 £1.79)
Sage –
Rich in vitamins and antioxidants feed
sage fresh, scattered or hanging in the coop
or feed it dry, added to feed.
(436192 £1.29)
Oregano –
Research has shown oregano
to be one of the most powerful natural
antibiotics. It will strengthen the immune
system and help keep infections at bay.
(435952 £1.29)
Thyme –
a good all-rounder thyme
promotes respiratory health, is an antioxidant,
has antibacterial properties and helps control
(436222 £1.29)
Individually RRP =
Collection price =
£4 with £1 donation to BHWT
A £1.99 carriage charge per orderwill also apply,
irrespective of the number of collections ordered.
The BHWT is delighted to be working with Dobies, which is part of Suttons,
who have created a special seed range of herbs specially selected to delight our
feathered friends. In addition, Dobies are offering special discounts to our
supporters on products in their catalogue or online and are donating a
percentage of proceeds back to us.
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