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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
One vegan supporter, Daniel, told us: “Nine
years ago I became vegetarian because
I love animals and can't stand the idea of
causing them any harm. Three years ago
I became vegan.
“The only food I miss is eggs. Since
becoming vegan I haven’t eaten eggs but
would eat eggs from chickens re-homed
through the BHWT.”
Bookshops are changing too, shelves are
stacked with cookbooks showing that nuts
and green bits have a place in posh nosh
restaurants as well as our kitchens. Ella
Woodward, a rising star in the foodie world,
was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating
disease at 19. After years of struggle Ella
took her own health in hand and became
vegan. Now healthy again, Ella believes
her diet change helped her become the fit,
successful woman now making her mark on
the mainstream cook in us all.
The Health Benefits
Research has shown that non-meat eaters
may be less likely to suffer from Type 2
diabetes, heart disease and many cancers.
However, as red meat is an important source
of protein, iron, vitamin D and zinc, non-meat
eaters must replace these nutrients with
foods such as lentils, nuts and tofu.
Cutting dairy leads to claims of lower choles-
terol, lower blood pressure, lower body mass
index and reduced risk of heart disease and
cancer. Yet dairy is high in calcium, vital for
healthy bones and teeth, so vegans need
leafy greens to make up the deficit, although
you would have to eat three times the weight
of broccoli as milk to get the same amount!
There is no doubt that diets are changing,
as more people become increasingly aware
of the connections between diet and
health, welfare and environment.
Our thoughts
The British Hen Welfare Trust does not seek
to influence its supporters to eat in any given
way, but we believe that farmers should be
mindful of the fact that animal welfare is one
of the main reasons behind the choice to
become vegetarian or vegan, and welfare
will always influence farming methods.
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