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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
We need fundraisers!
Would any of the following fundraising
ideas inspire you to help our hens?
Egg Club –
if you’ve got eggs galore
then share the love and sell them to
raise funds
Free Range Friday –
did someone say
cake?! Simply bake and eat with friends
and family in exchange for a donation
Leaving us a gift in yourWill –
your legacy could help to save
thousands of hens
Regular giving –
help us build a nest
egg to save more hens from slaughter
None of the above
If you can help with any of our fundraisers
above we would like to send you more
information. Please let us have your email
address and tick this box to confirm you are
happy for us to contact you via email:
Let’s have some fun!
We knowmost of you could chatter
about your chickens for hours, but
please describe your hens in just
three words.
What is the most unusual place your
hens have laid an egg?
What’s the most unusual name you’ve
given one of your hens, and why?
What was the most unexpected thing
you discovered about your ex-bats?
Their softness / individual personalities
/ amusing antics / how tame they are
/ how they interact with children and/or
other pets / all of these
My Email is:
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