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Take Custard whose local claim to fame
was an evening escape job, tunnelling her
way out of the garden, walking the length
of a large field, dodging dogs and foxes,
overnighting somewhere in another garden
and then crossing a busy road, only to be
discovered late next morning munching
plants at the other end of the village.
In fact, Custard was mightily put out
when her owner, Fiona Moss, turned up.
When Custard joined the flock in the sky,
Fiona wrote what amounts to a eulogy for
her special hen:
“So, my special little hen with the massive
personality, you had an extraordinary innings
Special Hens
No-one loves their hens more than our supporters, and once in a while a ‘special’ girl
comes along who, for whatever reason, worms their way that bit deeper into our hearts.
Because we hear so many heart-warming stories we have now created a place on our
website where all these special hens can be celebrated; we simply ask for a donation in
return for sharing memories of your hen(s).
for an ex-bat – five to six years, by my
reckoning. The remaining girls are far too
well-behaved by comparison, there is no one
trying to burst through the cat flap anymore
and the garden looks unnaturally tidy without
those mounds of straw and hemp shavings.
May you rest in peace, and thank you for
laying for us almost every day for over two
years – even if you did make us search for
the cache.”
Fiona's words touched us and made us
smile in equal measure, and we now invite
you to share memories of your own
bundle of feathery mischief on our
Celebrating Special Hens page, visit
Custard strolling around the garden
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