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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Charity bake sales. They’ve been done
to death, you might think. They’re old hat,
you might say. But hey, at your event guests
will be able to see and stroke the very hens
who laid the eggs which made their yummy
cakes? Who can top that?!
We guarantee there will be no better tasting
cakes at any other charity bake sale than
one where the cakes have been made
using the freshest eggs from the free-est
hens going. Your event will be unique in
communicating the connection between
yummy cake and beautiful hens. (Please
note we don't advise cows attend on the
basis of their butter contribution.)
If you’re struggling for baking inspo, read
our interviewwith GBBO winner Nancy
Birtwhistle or try one of her yummy recipes
which you can find later in the magazine.
Get friends, family and/or work colleagues
involved because, let’s face it, everyone
loves a slice of free range cake.
To hold a Free Range Bake Sale visit
our website for more information or
Free Range
Bake Sales
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