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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
1. We’ll start by saying we LOVE your sauces. They are
truly delicious. With so much competition out there,
how does Stokes stand out from the crowd?
Stokes Sauces was created because of my
passionate love of quality taste, genuine taste, true taste.
To achieve a recipe that delivers the best, we only use
the best ingredients. The product development team
have occasionally suggested alternatives and less
expensive ingredient solutions – but the answer is
always ‘no’.
Getting someone to try Stokes Real Mayonnaise for the
first time is the tricky bit, but once they have tried it, they
discover ‘better’. Then, it’s difficult to accept ‘worse’.
2. Do you have any secret ingredients which make your
sauces so yummy?
As you suggest, it is all down to the ingredients. Our
tomatoes are grown by a number of carefully selected
private growers on southern Italy’s sun-drenched
foothills near Solerno. They are plump, sweet and juicy.
Corporate Interview
We love nothing more than shining the light on companies who not only
produce first class, delicious food but put animal welfare at the top of their
agenda. Stokes Sauces are simply divine (if you haven’t tried them, you
must!) and the company prides itself on sourcing only the best ingredients
including, of course, free range eggs. We caught up with Stokes founder Rick
Sheepshanks to find out how Stokes remains a cut above the rest.
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