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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Then we use lots of them – a full 200gms per
100gms of ketchup. They are simmered, not
milled like others, and blended with our own
recipe of subtle spices to complement the
tomatoes’ natural full taste.
Our Creamed Horseradish Sauce uses half and
half wild and cultivated horseradish. It is picked,
cleaned and shredded by Barney in Essex. The
addition of wild horseradish creates the intense
flavour without the overly fiery after-effects. Try
a spoon or two in your mashed potatoes and
you’ll never eat mash without it again.
Stokes Beetroot Relish uses julienned ‘shards’
of beetroot (including the skins for that earthy
flavour). The attractive shards are cooked
slowly in Claret to further intensify the juicy,
freshly processed preserve – no pickling, pure
3. You have some unique sauces including
chipotle ketchup and fig relish – where does
your inspiration come from?
Stokes is a family of food lovers, creating
ideas, sourcing ingredients, tasting, testing and
producing sauces and relishes from The Old
Stables at Rendlesham Hall. Our ideas and
flavour combinations are literally inspired by
excited taste buds refining old favourites and
developing new ideas. Ideas are endless as the
development team will tell you when I appear
round the door with yet another light bulb
above my head.
4. What is day to day life like at the Stokes
Everyone starts in a different way – school runs,
dog walks, last minute rushes – much as any-
where else. I walk through my wallabies; check
on my emus and rheas; count the ducks; and
check that the ex-battery hens are all safely
enjoying their new found freedom. If there were
to be a real ‘pushmepullyou’ in the country,
I would probably have it.
Then it varies. Supplying everyone from
Waitrose to the local farm shop takes some
organisation. But all would be for nothing if it
wasn’t for the 60 hearts and souls who work in
shifts round the clock to produce, bottle and
distribute our products.
The skill is extraordinary. Did you know it takes
a helicopter pilot 1,000 hours to train to combat
skill? It takes each of our operators 2,000 hours
training to fly Stokes production equipment
solo. They are trained in tandem; have a written
and practical exam which they have to achieve
at least 90% in before being allowed to go solo,
and then they have to complete 10,000 hours to
earn the title of Grade One Machine Operator.
5. Tell us a bit about your decision to use free
range eggs in your mayonnaises.
It wasn’t a difficult decision, more a natural step.
I wouldn’t have anything other than free range
hens laying eggs for Stokes. None of us would.
There isn’t a higher priority at Stokes than
animal welfare. It sits right alongside people,
trust, kindness, etc. It’s as simple as that.
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