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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
6. We love shining the light on free range egg
farmers – can you tell us where you source
your eggs from?
We only use British free range eggs produced
by approved and accredited farms from within
the UK and Northern Ireland.
7. Stokes is currently stocked inWaitrose and
available online – do you have any plans to
expand into other supermarkets?
We do. The Co-op stocks our product as does
Ocado. We are always having conversations
with other independent and national outlets.
And there are a growing number of
independent retailers who stock Stokes. These
include butchers, delis, farm shops etc who find
that Stokes quality and authenticity fit nicely
with their own quality promises and customer
8. What do you think about the work of the
British HenWelfare Trust?
We not only approve but also endorse it, and
we actively participate in rescuing battery hens
from slaughter through you. Many have and
will continue to have better retirements in the
walled gardens at Rendlesham Hall. Keep up
the great work.
9. We know you’ve got emus, ducks,
wallabies, rheas and hens – are there any
other unusual pets lurking in the stables?
I am an animal lover and am lucky enough to
be in a position where I can rescue and offer
sanctuary to many feathered, furry and fluffy
You can meet some of them here:
10. Finally, what’s your favourite eggy dish?
This is the most difficult question to answer as
there are so many family favourites.
For me you can’t beat a simple poached egg to
really enjoy the flavour. Add bacon for a salty
edge. Poach on spinach in a ramekin served
with a light hollandaise sauce for a posher
poach perhaps.
What really unites the family though, is a
deep-filled egg mayo sandwich with a few
snips of cress – divine!
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