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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Established in September 2007 on the Isle
of Purbeck in Dorset, Cedar Organic provides
a varied landscape with lush grass, offering
perfect conditions for their chickens to enjoy
a free range, organic life all year round.
Rempstone Farm, the heart of Cedar
Organic, is registered with the Soil
Association which helps to ensure the
highest welfare standards for their chickens.
Andrew and Claire have a flock of 650 birds
who live in a large polytunnel-type shed and
have access to another wooden shed where
they can perch and lay eggs in the nest
boxes. Andrew and Claire say the hens are
very chatty and like to follow them around
the field, whilst digging lots of big holes to
dust bathe in, under the watchful eye of
2 alpacas, kept as flock guardians!
The eggs are collected daily and then
graded, packaged and delivered direct to
local shops, restaurants and pubs offering
the ultimate freshness to customers.
Keep an eye out for them next time
you’re frequenting Dorset’s eateries –
but be quick – they’re so popular they
often sell out during the holiday season.
for more information.
In every issue we like to shine the spotlight on some of our
great British egg farmers. This time we’re showcasing the
work of Andrew and Claire Head who run Cedar Organic.
If you would like to nominate a great British farmer,
and we will investigate.
for more information.
Claire Head walking with a few of the flock
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