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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
4. We were surprised and delighted to learn
that you keep ex-bats and used their eggs
whilst taking part in GBBO – tell us a bit
about your girls.
I didn’t actually take eggs from my own hens to
the Bake Off tent because all that is provided
for you. However all my practising was done
with my hens' eggs.
I re-homed five in May and already had three.
They get to be so tame. In the winter when I
haven’t got anything precious growing they
have the full run of the garden. When it’s bed
time I call them and they come running like any
other pet, no matter where they are!
5. Tell us more about your popular
365 day challenge.
I'm keen to be known for successful bakes with
specific recipe instructions, but I also want the
flexibility to say here is a recipe you can add
chocolate to or lemon or coffee.
I would want my book to be a book where you
gain confidence, and that is why I launched my
365 day challenge. I am gifting each day for
a whole year everything I know. Recipes, tips,
hints, ‘how to’ videos and lifehacks which will all
improve your knowledge and skill.
6. We’ve seen a revival of baking in
Britain in recent years – do you think
GBBO is entirely responsible for this or
are there other factors?
I think Bake Off is the catalyst. It’s about cooking
things from scratch. We are frequently told how
much sugar and salt has to go into cakes in the
commercial world to make them last longer, so
baking yourself means you can keep an eye on
the ingredients.
7. Tell us, what inspired you to give some
lucky hens a free range retirement?
I heard about the charity and although I used
to buy rare breeds paying £10 per chicken they
were a bit temperamental and not great layers.
Then I went online and found that Sand Hutton
was my local re-homing point and I have kept
coming back ever since. I really feel as though I
am doing something worthwhile.
8. Let’s talk eggs – we’re biased in thinking
a truly free range egg tastes better than
anything else, but what difference does a
really fresh egg make when it comes to your
baking success?
It makes a difference in that I feel happy about
my ingredients. I have had to buy eggs and I do
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