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notice a difference, particularly in the whites.
When you crack open the shop bought ones
the whites are often watery.
9. Back to basics: coop cleaning duties. Is
it down to yours truly or do you gravitate
to the kitchen and leave the girls to other
family members?
I do it every day. Every morning I collect the
eggs and when the weather is nice I leave all
the doors open and take the perches out which
is my best way of keeping red mite at bay.
10. What’s your favourite aspect of hen
keeping, would you recommend it to others?
My favourite is to see them doing things they
should be doing. I brought my ex-bat girls home
and we let them out in the run. The sun was
shining and they enjoyed a dust bath and then
laid on their backs with their legs up in the air in
the sunshine. That to me was just fabulous.
11. What’s the best cake you have ever
made and why?
My best on Bake Off was my jaffa orange cakes
for which I was awarded star baker in the first
week. That gave me confidence about my
place in the tent. I don’t knowwhere the idea
came from, but they are super cakes.
I also spent a long time perfecting my best
chocolate cake. Chocolate cakes are often nice
and dark but can be dry or not very chocolatey.
So I perfected a cake that is dark and moist and
tastes of chocolate. A little bit of coffee, star
anise and vanilla makes all the difference and
really enhances the chocolate.
12. Finally, what’s your favourite eggy
based dish?
I love eggs. If I am home on my own I will opt
for a herby omelette in a small frying pan just
with some fresh chopped herbs from the
garden and eggs from my chickens.
13. Baker’s dozen! We have to ask the
obvious question – what do you think of the
new GBBO programme moving to CH4?
I am not going to knock it until I have tried it.
The production company hasn’t changed,
it has just moved channels. It is going to be 75
minutes long which is encouraging and protects
that 60 minutes’ worth of baking. We have got
to look forward rather than look back. The tent
will be the same and it is a well-established
brand so I think it will be fine.
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