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Chicken Vet Mite Powder
This product is ideal for low
level mite infestation and
prevention, and can be
sprinkled in nest boxes, scratch areas,
dust bath areas and on your hens.
Chicken Vet
Poultry Shield
Use weekly and
spray everywhere
in the hen house, paying
particular attention to
the corners, cracks
and crevices where
mites hide.
Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
When mites crawl through
the DE dust to feed on
the hens at night its
microscopic shards
scratch the mites' waxy
shell, causing them to
dessicate and die.
Interkokask RTU
This DEFRA-approved
disinfectant can be used
to tackle red mite eggs,
coccidial infections,
viruses, fungi and
roundworm eggs.
Red mite
- the flea of the dog world
Thankfully keeping on top of it
during summer needn’t be a chore
and we’ve got some great products
to keep the critters at bay.
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