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2.5ltr Mushroom
Poultry Drinker
Perfect for a
smaller flock, this
drinker is UV and
and features
extendable legs.
Summer is here and we’ve a great range
of drinkers from the traditional to the
colourful, so make sure your hens are
catered for as the weather hots up.
Feathers &
Beaky 2ltr
A practical
drinker which
you fill from
the top,
avoiding spillage!
Eton Galvanised Trough
Galvanised drinkers are
tough and long lasting, and
this trough can be used for
feed and water.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Cottage Garden Bucket Drinker
This beautiful drinker will brighten
up any garden and it’s sturdy to
Soak up the rays
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