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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Dergall is a non-toxic and food-safe
treatment which is applied as a spray to the
chicken house and can also be sprayed onto
birds without causing any harm. It works by
mechanical action on the surface of where
it is sprayed, creating a three dimensional
structure (3D-IPNS™) which immobilises and
traps the mites, destroying them. Dergall
blocks their breathing apparatus, causing
them to suffocate, dehydrate and die and
carries on working for approximately three
days after it has been applied.
The Chicken Vet
Innovative newmite treatment
for red mite, northern fowl mite
and scaly leg mite
By Alison Colville-Hyde, Chicken Vet
The pesky red mite is the bane of the chicken keeper
and all chickens! Add into the mix the northern fowl mite,
which destroys plumage, and the scaly leg mite, which
causes crusting and sores on the chickens’ legs and
you have a mite time-bomb!
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