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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Jamima lives with Amandine
Reid. She told us: “We're
seven weeks into having our
hens and every day my kids
can't wait to see our four
girls. Really they are part of
the family, and it's a joy to
see their personalities
form. My daughter loves
climbing the blossom
tree and this time she
took Jamima with her.”
Ian Stanton’s daughter collected
five hens from York in June this
year, he told us: All five roam
the back garden much to the
surprise of the rabbit, cat and
dog and the sight of all of them
together in the sun is amazing.
My wife has early onset
Alzheimer's and she is so
happy wandering around the
garden looking to see where
they have gone and making
a fuss of them all. We are
getting so much pleasure
watching them explore
their new found freedom
and develop into 'proper'
chickens. Getting them has
been one of the best things we
have done for a while. Thank you
for giving us so much pleasure
and the chance to give the five
of them a happy retirement.”
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