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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Meet gorgeous Honey. Her keeper, Debbie Morris-Kirby, said: “Honey was
the smallest of our latest rescues from Liskeard, and was such a sweetie
until we got her home, and she turned into Honey Monster. She has now
settled into free range life, is feathering up well, and working her way up
the pecking order. She is one of the cheekiest girls we have ever met, and
is a real character.
Mags Quennell told us this about
her hen Arrietty: “We live in
Liskeard, Cornwall and adopted
six hens about two months ago.
They have settled in brilliantly
and we are enjoying watching
their personalities develop, as
well as collecting their yummy
eggs! Arrietty is very friendly
and inquisitive and is often to
be found pecking at shoe laces
or cardigan buttons. She pecked
my camera lens a split second
after I took this photo.
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