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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Adelighted reader!
We’re probably preaching to the converted if you’re
sat reading this, but not so long ago we received a
lovely testimonial about Chicken & Egg, which
we wanted to share with you.
Here’s what Helen Ashenden had to say:
“We’ve just received our first issue of this magazine and
we love it! One of the great benefits of a paper
copy is that I know the rest of my family will really
enjoy reading it too, and it can only help increase
my children’s knowledge of hen-keeping
(we have five of your ex-bats).
“It’s brilliant to see the photographs which have encouraged me to let
the girls out into the garden and give them more to play with!”
To read more issues of C&E simply visit our website at
We like to think Chicken & Egg is packed full of reasons why
keeping ex-bats is so great and that’s why we want you to
pass on your copy to friends and family, or leave it at the
doctors/dentists next time you’re there. Make a hen happy!
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