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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Could we soon be getting eggs on the NHS? Probably not, but one study has concluded
eggs are so good for us they should be prescribed. The shelled wonders were even
described as ‘nature’s multi-vitamin’ owing to their mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton concluded health professionals would be justified in actively
promoting the consumption of eggs. Well, if it’s the doctor’s advice…!
Cloud Eggs
Prescription eggs
Have you heard of the new eggy
craze sweeping the nation? Well
you’re about to. Cloud eggs are the
latest food sensation sweeping
Instagram accounts everywhere.
If you’re not familiar with the trend,
it essentially involves separating
the whites and yolks, whipping
the whites before baking them in
mounds, popping a yolk back in
the middle of each white and
baking them again. It’s a bit more
effort than your standard fried
egg but hey, anything that gets
people eggcited about eggs
gets a thumbs up from us.
If you make some, remember to
tag us in a post on social media.
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