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Hensus 2017
Wow, you’ve done it again! Not only did we have more than 1,100 responses to our
latest Hensus survey, you gave us some absolute gold dust, from hilarious one-liners
about your girls to deeply moving descriptions about howyour hens helped you cope
with grief and mental health issues.
It’s clear that keeping ex-bats has had a profound impact on you (despite grape addictions,
garden destruction and relentless bullying of your four-legged counterparts!) and we can’t
wait to share the results with you. Best get a cuppa and enjoy!
You and your hens
Similarly to Hensus 2014, the most popular
number of ex-bats you keep is five, followed
by three and then four; the interesting bit
was that 80% of you also keep pure breeds,
and so it seems ex-bats are the gateway to
a wider poultry hobby. Just over half of you
(55%) had never kept hens before re-homing,
while 49% had re-homed more than once
– we warned you hens are addictive!
The best news was that 60% of you have
encouraged friends and family to re-home
too – we wonder how many extra lives you
have saved?
When it comes to names, Ginger, Henrietta
and Rosie were clear winners; others
included Kourtney, Kim and Khloe
Kardashi-hen, Chief Thug, Deputy Thug
and Thug and Gobby Lobster! There were
also celeb and TV-inspired names including
John Cleese, Kaleesi, Maggie Hatcher and
Katniss Everpreen. The majority of you (70%)
told us you preferred wooden houses to
plastic but when it came to your girls’
bedding it was a toss-up between Dengie
Fresh Bed, straw and wood shavings. There
was no such hesitation when it came to
spoiling your girls with 55% of you spending
between £10 and £25 on them every month,
and 68% of you regularly buying treats!
We couldn’t talk about your girls and not
mention eggs. While some of you sell your
surplus eggs, feed them to your dogs, make
lemon curd and pickle them with beetroot
and spices (YUM!), most of you (66%) give
them away!
Unsurprisingly your favourite way to eat
eggs is on their own (66%) while 12% of you
bake cakes and 13% use them as a meal
ingredient. Eggs scrambled with clotted
cream was a new one on us!
Your motivation for re-homing ex-bats was
overwhelmingly to save them from slaughter
(86%), but you also told us it was because
they make great pets. The most popular
words used to describe your girls were
funny, cheeky and friendly, but other great
descriptors include: therapeutic, brazen,
grateful, comforting, hooligans (what, our
girls?), life-affirming and sassy.
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