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ensus 2017
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Egg hunting
We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to
find out some funny facts about the most
unusual place your girls have laid eggs –
check these out – there are some innovative
and helpful hens out there!
At the bottom of an old family rose
• Inside a compost bin
• 18 found under neighbour's hedge
• In a stinging nettle patch
• On my lap
• On my foot
• In the dog's bed
• Next to us on the sofa
• In a tractor cab
• Whilst running for food
• Nine found in the crook of a two-trunked tree
• A cement mixer
• Hedgehog’s nest with baby hedgehogs
• In the pig sty - next to the pig
• In the boot of the car when I left it open
after unloading shopping
Did we tell you our hens are crazy as well as
gorgeous? We also wanted to find out the
inspiration behind some of your hens’ names.
It was hard to pick our favourites, but here
are just a few:
Our son’s front tooth came out
and he looked like Nanny McFee
at the time we rescued her
Because she was very naughty
So named after a murderous
one-eyed sister from a Swedish
black comedy
’Doris’ &
After the first occupants of my
house from 1911 census
She looks like my nephew
We adopted her the same
week Leonard Nimoy passed
away. My son named her. When
I asked why ‘Spock’, he replied:
“It’s only logical.”
She was batty!
Hen health
Historically veterinary knowledge has been
lacking when it comes to treating hens, but
it seems the tables are turning, as 41% of you
rated your vet’s knowledge as good, 43%
rated it as reasonable with 16% reporting
poor vet support. However, 84% of you
stated you would opt for veterinary advice
if better treatment and knowledge was
available. So clearly there's more that needs
to be done!
Nearly half of you told us you get your hen
health advice from the internet, with others
turning to local country stores, books, family
and friends for tips. It’s clear you’d like to
know more about how to help your hens as
69% showed interest in taking a course to
learn about hen health. Watch this space!
Many of you also call on the BHWT Advice
Line for help, which was set up following
your feedback from the 2014 Hensus, and
81% of you rated it as good – thank you.
Chicken & Egg
You gave us some really helpful feedback
about our magazine. We’re encouraged that
82% of you regularly read it, but we had to
probe the remaining 18% about why they
don’t. Most of you said you simply don’t get
time, but others said they would prefer to
get a hard copy. We automatically post hard
copies if we have received a £5 donation or
more from you in the past 12 months, and that
includes donations for hens. If you haven’t
adopted hens, and would like a copy to
land on your doormat, simply email
and she will
help you. We’re thrilled that 96% of you
thought C&E’s content was about right,
however 47% would like to get the magazine
four times a year, we’ll see what we can do...
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