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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Keeping in touch
Less than 1% of you like to get phone calls
from us, while 77% prefer emails. If you
haven’t already, remember you can sign up
to receive our updates at
When it comes to social media, unsurprisingly
your favourite thing to see is life-affirming
hen pics! You keep uploading them, and
we’ll keep sharing them. You also like hen
health tips and we will do our best to keep
them coming.
Hensus 2017 cont.
Free range eggs
We asked if you could identify which of
these household brands use free range
eggs – the correct answer is highlighted.
Most answered ‘don’t know’ so remember
you can brush up on your free range
brands using the guide on our website
Here’s howyou fared when we asked which
of these eateries used solely free range eggs...
Mr Kipling
14% 41% 45%
67% 5% 28%
Aunt Bessie’s
6% 16% 78%
18% 7% 75%
Ben & Jerry’s
19% 8% 73%
5% 26% 69%
24% 5% 71%
Millie’s Cookies
2% 12% 86%
Pizza Express
13% 7% 80%
Burger King
5% 14% 81%
Upper Crust
2% 9% 89%
9% 10% 81%
Show some love
As previously mentioned, your girls are
obviously spoilt with treats, but we wanted
to know how you show them they are loved
in other ways… and here’s how you do it:
I scratch their necks and backs.
• I give them organic food, and wood
ash to bath in.
• We give them large branches of red or
white currants for them to strip bare.
• I allow them to mess up my garden
and I don't care!
• I grow plants as treats for them to eat.
• I dig the soil with them to find worms and
grubs; they get excited as soon as I pick
up the fork and come running over to me.
• I sit on the garden bench and let them
jump up and eat mixed corn.
• I pick lots of grass, dandelions and fruit
and veg and talk to them. If they want
love and a cuddle that's a done deal.
• They are part of the family and have
everything we have. Treats and care galore.
• Tickle them under their armpits.
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