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ensus 2017
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Probably the most important question of
all was this: What would you call your
hens, pets or livestock?
Without hesitation 95% of you see your hens as
pets (and we’ll keep working on the other 5%!).
Your most revealing answers came near
the end when we asked you to describe the
difference your hens have made to family
life in a dozen words or less. It gave us goose
bumps at Hen Central reading some of your
Below are just a few answers but, rest
assured, we read and appreciated every
single response.
• My hens provided outside opportunities
for the family and have shown caring
values for children.
• They’ve provided lots of entertainment.
I’d rather watch them than the TV!
• Rough tough biker boyfriend has a chicken
on his lap watching TV together.
• They provide therapy and education for
my autistic son and other children.
• They have enriched our lives and helped with
mental health problems, keeping us calm.
• My hens have provided me with much comfort
through some tough times.
• They keep me active and depression free.
• My hens filled my empty nest with joy
when my children left.
• My hens saved me from depression and
loneliness, they’ve given me purpose and joy.
• We seem to buy an awful lot of grapes
these days.
• They are so sweet and cope so stoically
when they are poorly.
• It's like having your personal Japanese
game show happening in the garden.
• Collecting their warm eggs still makes
me smile.
• Relaxing with them at the end of the
working day is priceless.
• At the age of 75 they’ve given me a new
lease of life and interest.
• They have changed my life. I'd never be
without them. They're family.
• They're my autistic son’s girls. He cuddles
them when overwhelmed.
• They saved me after I lost my husband
after 43 years.
• My ex-bats ARE my life! They influence
almost everything I do!
After looking after your hens you have some
lovely ways to relax, the most popular being
with a glass of wine (surprise surprise!)
followed by a soak in the bath.
Other ways you like to treat yourselves
include horse riding, reading, going on
holiday, running, and one supporter said
they like to relax by eating a ‘giant sack of
crisps’! We don’t blame you!
Thank you all SO much for taking part
in our survey.
We hope it’s been enjoyable reading the
results – you make the charity what it is.
Finally congratulations to Julie Clarke
who won herself a £50 Lakeland voucher
for taking part!
See, you told us your
hens were hooligans!
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