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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
1. We’ll start with a bit of flattery – Higgidy
pies are the BEST pies ever. Now that’s out
of the way, tell us a bit about what makes
Higgidy different from other pies on the
Why, thank you! A lot of pies on the market
can look identical and mass-produced, so
we think ours stand out for their homemade
look and taste - baking in small batches
and hand-finishing everything that we make
means each of our pies looks slightly
different to its neighbour.
A little bit
Seeing as our competition prize is a fab bundle of gorgeous
Higgidy pies for one of you lucky people, and because no-one gets
tired of talking about pie, we spoke with Assistant Brand Manager
Amy Bellchambers about flavours, pie tasting and free range eggs.
2. You recently underwent a re-brand –
what sparked this?
Products available in the pastry aisle often
look very similar, so we really wanted our
new packaging designs to stand out as
much as our pies do - with the colourful,
eclectic designs on our packs reflecting our
use of bold and interesting flavours.
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