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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
3. Give us a bit of an insight into a typical
day at Higgidy – we like to imagine it’s all
yumminess and pie tasting but we’re sure
there are some less tasty aspects to the
day job!
At the moment, we’ve got some exciting
new launches coming up so it’s all stations
go! Every team is busy working together
to make sure that it’s a success, from our
Recipe Team making sure the flavours work
together (this does including quite a lot of
tasting!) and our Planning Team ensuring
that we can make everything on time, to
our Brand Team designing new packaging
and our Commercial Team working with the
4. Creating gorgeous flavour combinations
is clearly a vital part of Higgidy’s success –
where does your inspiration come from?
We have a whole team of cooks, including
founder, Camilla, who are constantly coming
up with new recipe and flavour ideas (there
are always plenty of samples to try!), based
on upcoming trends, twists on family
favourites and our own favourite ingredients.
5. You have some utterly gorgeous sweet
recipes in your cookbook, but no similar
products to buy on the shelves yet. Are
there plans to introduce some chocolatey,
fruity treats to your offering?
We’re often asked this question and it’s
lovely to know that people would be keen
for us to make sweet pies but we’re just
sticking with savoury for now. This doesn’t
mean that we’ll never make something
sweet though, so keep your eyes peeled…
6. As well as flavour combos, sourcing high
quality ingredients must be top of your
list, too. How do you go about finding the
best quality fillings?
A bit more
Creating great-tasting recipes starts with
using great-tasting, high quality ingredients.
We try and use local suppliers where
possible, such as Packington, who supply
our free-range chicken, and Hepworth’s,
who supply the Sussex ale that we use in
our British Beef, Stilton & Sussex Ale Pie.
7. Speaking of ingredients, you only use
free range eggs in your pies which we
applaud. Was that a no brainer for you
from the outset?
8. Is animal welfare particularly important
to Higgidy and its customers?
Definitely. We have a brilliant team working
with a range of British farms to source the
best quality meat, including Packington
free-range chicken, outdoor bred pork and
Red Tractor assured beef.
9. What do you think of the work of the
BHWT and its effort to save 50,000 hens a
year from slaughter?
The team at the BHWT do a tremendous
job and, likewise, the efforts of all of its
supporters is just fantastic. This is an issue
that needs highlighting and so we’re happy
to be able to spread the message and get
people on board.
10. Finally, seeing as this is a magazine
about eggs, what’s your favourite eggy
We’re actually launching a range of
oven-baked Higgidy Frittatas this autumn
so we’d have to say that these are our
favourite egg-based dish!
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