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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Fundraisers are the backbone of every charity,
no matter how big or small their contribution.
In our last issue we told you about Victoria Connelly who was donating royalties from three of
her books. Well… cue drum roll… Victoria raised a whopping £1,142.86! And it’s all for the girls.
Yvonne Brunnotte lives in Hamburg with husband Kim. She regularly holds the most
wonderful fundraising events, and her 50th birthday celebration party was no different
(sorry Yvonne, we let your age out the bag!). Yvonne raised a whopping £500 with some of
the yummiest looking food we’ve ever seen as well as a tombola! See if this photo doesn’t
get you reaching for the cake tin...
While we’re on the subject of food, fab
supporter Russ Annis raised yet more funds
totalling £180 at her Free Range Bake Sale
coffee morning recently, where she held a raffle
and sold homemade jams and marmalades.
She also gave her friends and neighbours
homemade cookies and put BHWT stickers
on the bags to remind everyone where their
money was going. Just fabulous, thank you
so much Russ!
If you’d like to fundraise for us simply visit
ourwebsite at
or email
yourwonderful ideas.
Victoria Connelly
Russ Annis
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