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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Seven-year-old EvieWalker
is the BHWT’s youngest
supporter, and she is also
the face of our Egg Club!
As such we thought it only right that we
gave her a column in Chicken & Egg so she
could tell you all about what her hens have
been up to. Over to you Evie!
I would like to say what great pets hens are and I recommend you get some!
I adopted eight girls 20 months ago. They were around 18 months old when I got them
so they are just over 3 now.
The old girls are also quickest to greet me when I fill up the feeder or take them mealworms!
Henrietta is the friendliest chicken. She likes to come out of the pen and follow me round
the garden. She loves cuddles and sneaks into the house if I leave the door open! She even
followed me to the park and had a scratch around and play!
My girlies get on well with other pets, like our dog Daisy. We recently adopted a rabbit who
needed a nice family to love him but he escaped into the chicken pen and the girlies didn't
bat a feather so nowwe let him live with them!
Mummy and I sell the eggs my girls lay for £1 a box and we send the money to the BHWT
to help save more of our lovely friends. So far I have raised £1,195.
Interested in setting up your own Egg Club? Visit
for more info or email
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