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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Friday, 13 October (hope you’re not superstitious!) marks
World Egg Day which is an important date in any chicken
lover’s diary. However this year it’s eggstra special as it
also marks the launch of the BHWT Learning Programme.
Egg Day and
learn with hens
We will be launching our event
at a school near Hen Central
down in Devon, and we’ll be
sharing lots of photos and videos
from the event on social media,
so keep an eye out!
To remind you, our learning
programme is broken into two
parts: the first is a set of down-
loadable resources which are
available NOW (go, go, go!) for
schools to download.
The second allows schools to
book a workshop which will
be held by a charity volunteer.
They’ll even bring along their
hens if your school doesn’t have
its own.
For more information, photos
and to book a workshop,
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