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Most of the time we are made well aware at Hen Central if
we have a celeb about to adopt some of our beautiful hens.
However, in the case of pop-star-turned-farmer JB (of JLS
fame), he ended up adopting three of our hens somewhat by
accident, after stumbling across a re-homing in Kent while out
walking his dogs! We caught up with him to find out how his
girls are getting on, as well as ask him about life on the farm
with wife Chloe and son Ace.
Songs of Praise
1. Firstly, you adopted some of our hens
back in May – how are they getting on?
The hens we adopted are getting on
brilliantly! They've settled in well
and are having a great time. My son Ace
was tasked with naming them but every
time I ask him which is which, he can
never remember!!
2. Howmany chickens did you have before
the ex-bats arrived?
We had 3 chickens before the ex-bats
arrived and they've all managed to get on
just fine. I think the ex-bats spent a good 3
days sleeping outside the coop but a little
gentle persuasion got them inside.
3. Did anything surprise you about your
I wouldn't say I was surprised but I did
notice that they were very hardy and that
they could be very determined. Once, while
Ace was feeding them from the bucket he
normally uses, one of them jumped into the
bucket. She must have been hungry!!
4. What’s your favourite thing about
keeping chickens?
My favourite thing about chickens is
undoubtedly getting to try the lovely
eggs laid fresh every day. Nothing beats
a fresh farm egg, all of my friends and
family members literally take it in turns
to take home a box and they ALWAYS
want to meet the girls who lay them!
It's a great way for my son, Ace, to bond
with animals too, as our pigs are massive
and the turkeys are a much larger bird for
a little boy to handle.
5. We can imagine you’re pretty busy down
on the farm, but who is responsible for
cleaning out the coop in your household?!
A motto in my family household was
always if you want it, you have to look
after it! So I take responsibility for looking
after the animals and cleaning out the
coop. I actually find it quite therapeutic!
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