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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
6. We have an education programme
launching later this year to teach primary
school pupils all about hen welfare and
where their food comes from. Do you
think growing up around animals has
had a positive impact on Ace?
Absolutely. Not only has it given Ace a
sense of responsibility and an appreciation
for animals and how they should be treated,
it's given him a great sense of security,
growing up on a farm with animals and jobs
to do. He loves being outside and you can
see that he is so proud of what he has.
7. You’re obviously as passionate as we
are about encouraging children to get
outside and learn where their food comes
from – you must be very pleased at how
popular CBeebies' Down On The Farm
has become?
Absolutely. It's something that people are
really wanting to learn about and it's a show
for all of the family, no matter what the age.
The showwas nominated for a BAFTA and
I was so excited; to be recognised out of
all the children's shows produced and
knowing the humble beginnings of Down
On The Farm, it was an honour in itself.
8. From pop star to farmer – quite a career
change! You must have faced some
judgement and questioning when you
decided to set up the farm – how did
you overcome this?
I have never grown up being very
conventional. I have never put limits
on myself or my achievements and so
the transition from pop star to farmer was
easier for me than it was for anybody else!!
My faith is an intrinsic part of my life and it
has taught me the value of resourcefulness
and making the best use of everything
you have, no matter how much, or how little.
That is how the farm concept was birthed
and my passion for it has grown daily.
When Ace was born, the need to spread
the word about food, its origins and the
process it takes to reach our tables became
even more apparent. I take great pride in
using my past successes and profile to
boost an industry that needs more
recognition than it gets.
9. And now, on to Songs of Praise! Huge
congratulations – you must be very
excited about the role?
Songs Of Praise was a fantastic
opportunity which I had to take with
two hands! I would never have imagined
presenting the show, having grown up
watching it since I was a young boy.
I was extremely excited to be named
as a new presenter and after performing
on the show earlier in the year, the
executives of the show and at the BBC
decided to give me a shot at presenting!
I love that I am able to combine my love
of music, my faith and my passion for the
outdoors in one, iconic show. It really is
the perfect job for me.
JB down on the farm with wife Chloe
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