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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
10. Talking of being busy, you must enjoy
having a bit of down time. What’s your
favourite way to relax with Chloe and Ace?
Whenever we get a chance to relax, we
often go walking or to visit a farm attraction
with Ace - he gets to see a bigger variety of
animals on other farms! Sometimes it's even
better just to stay in and do silly things like
cook, paint and watch a film together. We
are always travelling and Ace usually comes
with us so it is important to us to rest as well.
11. What do you think about the work of the
British HenWelfare Trust?
I think the work that the British Hen Welfare
Trust does is invaluable. I think laying hen
welfare does have to be addressed as the
condition of some of the birds is appalling.
All animals need love and care, whether
they serve a commercial function or not,
so being able to save 600,000 hens' lives
makes every bit of difference. Although I
wasn't explicitly aware of the Trust before
I stumbled across the re-homing, I am an
avid supporter of all that you do.
12. Finally, because we’re as much about
eggs as we are about chickens, tell us
your favourite eggy dish!
French toast!! Thick crusty bread, soaked
in egg, seasoned with cinnamon and
topped after cooking with honey and
berries! Sweet, yet savoury!!
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