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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
BHWT 2018 Calendar
Featuring some of the best hen
shots we’ve seen over the past
12 months, many of them you
won’t have seen before; display
it in your kitchen, lounge or office with pride!
We know, we know, it’s only October!
But Christmas will be here before you know
it so get ahead with our fabulous chicken
products for him, her, and the chooks.
Sponsor a Hen
One of our most popular
Christmas gifts, this is one for
those animal-lovers who don’t
have time or space for hens of
their own. A gift that helps to save
the lives of more hens.
Henny Penny Mug
The perfect gift for any hen-lover! Great for
your morning cuppa, or perhaps a mug of
eggnog on Christmas Day.
Hens Cotton
Tea Towel
This colourful tea
towel will sit
perfectly in any
kitchen and is
a great stocking
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