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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
We don't think so...
The term bird brain is often used as a derogatory term
referring to someone not very bright. Yet chickens actually
have very complex brains and use the information they
process in a very particular way.
The chicken brain consists of two halves (known as hemispheres). Each half
helps it to process information in a different way. This is known as lateralization
and it is more pronounced than that of the human brain. It is fascinating to
realise that not only can a hen see the world using both eyes (binocular vision)
but they can also use each eye to look at a completely separate image at the same
timewith no overlap of visual information between the eyes (monocular vision).
Being a prey animal in nature the chicken relies on the location of its eyes to
give a panoramic view of the environment and to warn of potential danger
from predators, for this it uses its monocular vision.
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