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Every now and again I make myself stop, pause for a moment, and reflect on where
the charity is in its development. A mindfulness moment if you like and a break
from the next priority on my long list of to dos.
With our 600,000th hen hot out of her cage, and Hensus 2017 results in, it seems like a good time to
think about our achievements, and this edition of Chicken & Egg turns the spotlight on numbers and
milestones. There are some pretty impressive stats I can tell you!
Whilst all our hens are special, hen number 600,000 is a little bit extra special and you can read
about her ‘royal’ connections on page 8!
I’m delighted that JB, ex boy band member of JLS, literally stumbled across the charity recently,
and agreed to give us a lovely interview right on cue for the launch of his new role as presenter
of the iconic Songs of Praise.
As mentioned the Hensus 2017 results are in, and I guarantee the feedback will leave you feeling
toasty warm and cosy when you read how much our beloved ex-bats give us back in return for
their freedom. We have exciting news of the launch of our Learning Programme on World Egg
Day (Friday 13th October!) and as we are always conscious of the need to give you good health
advice for your feathery pets, we have an interviewwith the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Nigel
Gibbens, on Avian Flu and its impact on us as backyard hen keepers.
Naturally we have all your favourites, too, such as our gorgeous gallery, your letters and social
media snippets. With hen number 700,000 our next goal, I hope you enjoy reading our magazine.
Warm wishes,
Jane Howorth MBE
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
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