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Alex Finch wrote in to praise
our cockerel re-homing page:
“I recently advertised my dark
red Dorking cross cockerel on
your Cockerel Lonely Hearts page.
We had given up hope and after
two reprieves he was scheduled
to meet his maker. As luck would
have it, out of the blue we got
an email from a lady offering to
re-home him. He went to live with
five BHWT rescue hens on 16th
July. What a brilliant outcome!”
Samantha Wensley was very
proud of her ex-bat, Belinda:
"Belinda has been part of our
brood for about 3 years. This
year she has done the most
natural thing and sat on some
live eggs (not hers sadly)
and hatched 3 chicks very
successfully. So proud of her
considering her beginnings.
The chicks are a month old now,
very happy and healthy and mum
is showing them everything they
need to know. Warms my heart."
Warms ours too Samantha.
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