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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
This year’s BHWD was all about cupcakes.
On Friday, 22 September – aka British HenWelfare Day
- we asked supporters to hold a Free Range Bake Sale.
The date fell during National Cupcake
Week, so naturally cupcakes became
the theme for your bake sales.
With prizes on offer from Lakeland for
the best cupcakes, you really pulled
out all the stops! There were some
wonderful creations which looked
almost too good to eat (almost!).
We also held our own bake sale here
at Hen Central and munched on far
too much yummy cake, as well
as decorated the office with chicken
bunting made by supporter Amy
Hamilton (search @HamiltonsHens
on Twitter to order your own!).
Thewinner of a 12-hole muffin
pan and duo-colour icing set from
Lakelandwas Katrina Lock.
Congratulations, and happy baking!
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