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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
And Finally
We simply had to get this stunning photo
in the magazine and it seemed very
appropriate to pop it on our And Finally
page. Look at how far Cinderella has come
– from cage to castle! She’s pictured here
with Maddi Watson, who was getting ready
to go to her prom!
Cinderella lives with Chelsea Watson,
Maddi’s sister, who told us: “We named this
lovely hen Cinderella or Ella for short as she
wanted to go to the ball too! Our six ex-bat
hens all settled into their new home
wonderfully and became so interactive
with us they kept photobombing my
sister’s prom photos!”
How utterly gorgeous, and a perfect
example of how these cheeky, endearing
creatures manage to worm their way
into every part of family life.
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