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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Starting on a serious note, we welcome the announcement that CCTV is to be
installed in all slaughterhouses to monitor animal welfare, management and health.
High-resolution cameras are to be fitted by law under plans announced by Environment
Secretary Michael Gove in August. Vets will be given unrestricted access to footage
which will analyse the weight and condition of birds arriving at slaughterhouses.
The first codes to be revised will cover chickens bred for meat, followed by laying hens,
pigs, and horses, over the course of the next year. The UK is already a global leader
when it comes to animal welfare, but anything which further improves the welfare of
animals in commercial systems, especially our beloved laying hens, wins our approval.
The camera
doesn't lie
It’s no secret we love eggs and you probably do too if you’re reading this magazine!
But did you know all the incredible things eggs do for your body when you eat them?!
It would be impossible to list them all here but, to name a few:
• Boost your immune system: One egg contains about 22% of your recommended daily
allowance of selenium, the nutrient that supports your immune system.
• You’ll have more energy: Eggs also
contain vitamin B2, AKA riboflavin, which
helps the body convert food into fuel.
• Improve bones and teeth: Eggs are one
of the few natural sources of vitamin D,
important for helping strengthen bones
and teeth.
We could go on, but we all know the
single best thing about eating eggs
laid by your own hens is, quite simply,
the taste! Omelette for dinner anyone?
Immune-boosting, skin-enhancing,
all-round-wonderful eggs
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